Press Reviews

Sinfomusic (Spain)
Jordi Costa, Musea lablel representative in Spain.

"Moebius Cat is the haunting musical project of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Roman Bershadsky. Disturbing because it's an album full of haunting atmospheres but delicate, interesting and full of musical richness. An End of Time album is elegantly displaying a good variety of styles. A complex work with great melodies carried mostly by the great singer Jodi Krangle, of delicate and beautiful glossy timbre that really makes each and every one of the pieces she sings. Progressive Rock with a folky air but with a strong footing, with the introduction of violins or flutes in many songs, causing a disc to branch into other somewhat darker fields without losing its poise. Compositions involve male singers such as Karl Mohr, of incredible vocal modulations countenance to Bowie, exhibit harsher tone perhaps approaching Porcupine Tree. Overall excellent references in this work are the biggest names in progressive female character from the past and present, Renaissance, Illusion, Kate Bush, Mostly Autumn ... Do not let it pass!"

Strutter Zine (Netherlands)

"MOEBIUS CAT is a Canadian band with a CD release on the Russian label MALS. The band is based around multi-instrumentalist ROMAN BERSHADSKY, who is playing drums, keys, percussion, djembe and wrote all the music and lyrics of the latest CD ‘End of time’. Vocally he is assisted by an excellent female singer called JODI KRANGLE on several songs, but also male singers KARL MOHR and ADRIANO SPINA appear on a few songs each. I have to say that the female singer Jodi makes a real impression on me personally with her amazing vocal style. It’s a major let-down she didn’t sing all the songs and also when checking the internet she is only doing voice-over jobs. This singer should be out there making music on her own, with such excellent vocals she could easily gain a lot of attention! Anyway, MOEBIUS CAT is a sort of Progrock thing, very calm and laid-back most of the time, with some Dark wave touches as well. PORCUPINE TREE comes to mind here and there and especially the titletrack and “It’s over” are 2 really beautiful songs that even remind a bit of MOSTLY AUTUMN, RENAISSANCE and KARNATAKA, while vocally it has a touch of a KATE BUSH. If only Jodi had sung all the tracks on the album, then this would have been one-helluva record! Nevertheless, check it out at:
Points: 8.2 out of 10"

Sea of Tranquility (USA)

"Intricacy, that's what Moebius Cat are all about, whether that be through their beautiful, captivating CD art-work, or their immaculately arranged and presented music. With multiple vocal parts, numerous instruments and a sound so clear crystal is hidden away in the corner, Moebius Cat weave beautiful layers of Progressive Rock into folky themes, and gently funky vibes, which all come together to highlight the involving lyrical themes."

Kinesis (USA)

"This CD grabbed us from the get go, simply one of the most aurally attractive albums we’ve heard in a while. From Toronto, Mœbius Cat’s second album End of Time was released as a digital download in 2010, then as this CD on the MALS label in 2012. Mœbius Cat feature beautiful female vocals on some of the songs, male vocals on others. (There are two male vocalists; one sounds like David Bowie.) The songs with female vocals are our favorites. The music here is modern in the best sense: richly-textured and detailed while still leaving space in the mix, often with that seductive, cinematic, ambient feel that Lebowski and Frequency Drift also have. Some songs (It’s Over, for instance) would work on an Iona or October Project album, others on an Afro-Celt Sound System or Peter Gabriel album. Accordion, violin, and flute play important roles in addition to the usual guitars, keys, bass and drums. The music is melodic, emotional, and just far enough out of the current prog mainstream to capture the ears of the jaded prog fan. You can preview the entire 57-minute album, but at least listen to the title track -- its chorus will lodge in your cranium until you displace it with something else."

Music In Belgium (Belgium)

"Groupe originaire de Toronto au Canada, Moebius Cat, comme il est explicité sur le site officiel, est un projet fluide et dynamique créant une musique émotive et mélodique. Sorte de fusion entre un grand nombre de genres musicaux tels que le progressif, l'expérimental, le dark-wave, le gothique et le néo-classique"

Music Waves (France)

"Les compositions sont plutôt réussies, l'interprétation instrumentale est honnête, les différents solos ne resteront cependant pas gravés dans les mémoires. Si l'ajout d'instruments "exotiques" tels un violon, un accordéon, une flûte ou un sitar confère une atmosphère tantôt orientale, tantôt d'après-guerre, tantôt tzigane, les claviers et guitares restent en retrait, servant la plupart du temps de simple fond sonore."

Prog Wereld (Netherlands)

"Het is een lichtvoetig en subtiel gebeuren op dit schijfje. “End of Time” is het tweede album van de Canadese band Moebius Cat. Nou ja, band? Het is eigenlijk meer een project onder leiding van toetsenist/zanger Roman Bershadsky. Samen met een aantal muzikanten, twee zangers en een zangeres maakt hij muziek met een voorname plaats voor sprankelend pianospel, veel vioolpartijen en zaken als akoestische gitaar en dwarsfluit. Hij omschrijft die op zijn website als een samensmelting van donkere wave, progressieve rock, wereldmuziek, fusion, gothic en experimentele, elektronische, etherische en neoklassieke stijlen. Als je daar dan de term theatrale kleinkunst nog aan toevoegt, kan ik met deze omschrijving goed leven."

Prognaut (USA)

"I warn everyone that if you tried to listen to just clips of this, or skim thru the songs for a few seconds each, you’d miss the changes and varied styles mixed in all over this CD. For instance the 5th song (‘Cold Rain’) begins ordinary with the alternating male vocals, but an eastern motif is brought in on a bridge, then violin is used through in places to give more mystery. The song first strikes you as a heavy guitar rock song, but tablas and eastern sample keyboards are used nicely. The following song (“Farewell Guru”) uses more eastern motif with ghostly female voice, piano, sitar, tablas, djembe, and various other ethnic percussion samples."