Fan Mail

Fan Mail
Below are some quotes form Mœbius Cat fan mail:

"I just wanted to say that your music is quite awesome.  The intricacies and clarity of the songs I heard are quite remarkable. Your music I would say has pretty ideas and they are complex. "

"I just wanted to say that the music is excellent and I wish you all the best.
We don't have enough experimental music in the GTA."

"Love every track... great stuff truly." 

"I just listened to your songs and I really, REALLY, enjoy them... I`d like to say that it is most like the type of music I imagine when I sing to accompany me. I have come across plenty of music created by others and you are definitely hitting it closer than all the other ones... I like your lyrics as well. I cannot express how much I actually feel this music... Thus I would most definitely be a fan ( and I am not trying to get on your good side )."

"You really do a fantastic job with the music and mixing and such.  It sounds wonderful. :)"

"I really love your style of music - a great mix-kind of jazzy, funky, melodic, poetry, expression, differences..."

"I really feel the music you have posted... keep up the excellent work!"

"Your musical tidbits... are really good.  You have ridiculous amounts of talent. "